Mailing Box Sizes and Postage Rates

There are four key differences between Postal Boxes and Ecommerce Packaging: speed, convenience, delivery (with delivery) and the actual boxing experience. In this article, address all of these differences and discuss why – if you’re a small local retailer on Etsy or even an international giant shipping thousands of parcels at a rapid rate, Ecommerce Packaging may just be the answer to your business. Postal Boxes are big and clunky, and require large carriers and often expensive infrastructure to function. Ecommerce Packages is small, inexpensive and can be customized to fit your company needs.


Smaller businesses often want postage discounts and early shipping due to lower volume and less important items that need to get out the door on time cardboard boxes. Postage discounts and early shipping aren’t always possible though, and for those situations, Ecommerce Mailboxes is the perfect solution. They are able to offer high-volume mailings at reduced rates because they use multiple shipping services instead of relying on just one. Multiple services means faster shipping times and easier handling of heavier packages with larger items.


Ecommerce Boxes also saves you money by decreasing the weight of your products, therefore reducing shipping costs for the consumer, and also reduce the environmental impact associated with packaging and mailing products. You can also increase the volume of your sales by offering special deals or incentives to customers who use your postal boxes. For example, say you offer two postage free trips to your local coffee shop every month. If every customer used your two postal boxes to ship in their mailings, your company would receive an overwhelming amount of traffic, which would greatly benefit your business. This example is only an example; there are countless scenarios where Ecommerce Mailboxes would make the perfect solution for the small business owner or individual who is looking to expand their business but doesn’t have the time or expertise to handle this extra responsibility on their own.


You can also purchase pre-made foam lined mailboxes to build on your current product packaging. You can find these pre-made designs in a variety of different sizes and dimensions. These styles are available in both tall and short height configurations. Depending on the amount of merchandise you want to package for mailing, you can either opt for a long or short height postbox.


The foam lining and cardboard boxes come pre-boxed and are ready for the fun part: Unboxing. Before opening the item, you can stuff a bit of bubble wrap or cellophane inside to help preserve the freshness of the product within a few days of mailing. After the product is opened, simply remove the cellophane and the bubble wrap, and open the box like a book. The USPS will not only recognize your item but will give you a sticker with the correct address on it, as well as a packing slip to ensure the protection of your package.


As you can see, there are many different types of USPS mailbox and sizes to meet your postal box needs. If you’re looking to expand your business, or simply just want to be able to mail larger items, you need to invest in a quality postal box or a foam lined mailbox that meets your company’s specifications. Choose the style, size, and design that work best for you. You’ll be happy you did!

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